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Range Hood Vent Hood Copper Bronze Brass Stainless Steel Titanium

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Range Hood Vent Hood Copper Bronze Patina Pot Rack
This is a custom hand hammered Copper island hood. 
This 900 CFM Hood features a stainless steel liner and halogen
lighting.  The hood also features copper rivets.

One of the benefits of engaging our business is that while we are certainly growing, we are still (and will remain) a detail oriented company.  Every one of our hoods is unique, and all are fabricated to your specific requirements. 

Pricing will vary depending on the size and configuration of the hood, the materials and finish.  The method of construction will be a factor as well. 

Mondre Van Der Lee joined us in 2008, we are pleased to have Mondre directing our sales and marketing.  Mondre has prepared a questionnaire that he will be happy to discuss with you over the phone, or he can send you one via e mail or fax.  We will use this information to give you a firm quotation for your new custom vent hood.  The only time that our price will change will be when we use a change order, and that will only be implemented with your signed approval.  

A green range hood? 

The Custom Vent Hood Company goes to great lengths to use premium materials that are not only recycled, but are sourced from companies that do their part to have a minimal impact on the environment.  Over 96% of the raw materials that we use are recycled.  Our products are shipped in boxes that contain at least 50% recycled cardboard, and we only use packaging suppliers that are certified by the SFI, the Sustainable Forest Industry.



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